See what some of our BOOST Buddies have to say about why they attend the BOOST Conference!

I think BOOST provides the best national conference opportunity to be kept apprised of the cutting edge practices in the OST field...and to discuss these ideas with innovative leaders from across the spectrum and across the country. It ain't just about California anymore...it's a meeting place for great minds and youth advocates from all parts of the United States. Each year I am both inspired and reenergized by my experience at BOOST. And what's not to love about several days in Palm Springs?

- Patrick Duhon, Director of Expanded Learning, Providence Public Schools/Providence After School Alliance, Providence, RI

EPIC Experiences are the main reason I attend the BOOST Conference every year. Tia Quinn and the BOOST Collaborative Family are trendsetters in this industry as they go beyond simple advocacy and professional development and create transformational encounters that enrich and enlighten those that attend. You get the full package at a BOOST Conference – networking, fabulous keynotes, rewarding workshop sessions, all wrapped up in beautiful Palm Springs! When budgets are tight and you have make tough choices on conference travel, why would you go anywhere else? BOOST is an event that you definitely don’t want to miss. It’s where you will me every year.

- Shawn Petty, Technical Assistance Manager, Edvance Research, San Antonio, TX

Three words: Innovative, refreshing and vital! There isn’t a moment that isn’t filled with opportunity to enhance your program, your teaching style, your curriculums and your accountability to our youth! Educators in all fields-- don’t miss this conference! It is the best out-of-school time professional development opportunity in the US.

- Julia Gabor, Senior Program Manager, Tiger Woods Foundation, Irvine, CA 

BOOST is the best place to connect with afterschool friends from around the country, find out what's new and making an impact on kids, and to get your batteries recharged. Can't imagine where else to be at the end of April.

- CynDee Zandes, Senior Consultant, Consult 4 Kids, Bakersfield, CA

BOOST is the premier venue for networking with OST industry thought leaders and exploring best practices nationally. The variation of presentations and networking events makes it perfect for everyone from direct service staff to organization EDs. My team and I leave energized, educated, and eager to make positive change in our service delivery methods.

- Brad Lupien, Co-Founder & President, arc, Los Angeles, CA

I attend the BOOST conference for many reasons. Not only does the conference re-energize and refresh my passion for providing high quality school age care programs, I also get a chance to surround myself with people with that same passion- celebrating our quirky profession. The keynote speakers and workshops always challenge me to think differently about the work I do. In true afterschool style, the upbeat & festive atmosphere keep me engaged and I always look forward to the youth performances. Every year I leave the conference exhausted and exhilarated.

- Elizabeth Phillips, Program Development Director, CDI/CDC, Sacramento, CA

I look forward to BOOST every year, both as a presenter and attendee. It’s a powerful and dynamic environment with a wide range of individual, organizations, schools, and businesses all pursuing a common goal of improving out of school time. It’s the best conference of its kind to learn, network, and most importantly HAVE FUN with incredible, passionate people.

- Matt D’Arrigo, CEO/Founder, A Reason to Survive (ARTS), San Diego, CA

The BOOST Conference isn’t just an average conference, it’s an EXPEREINCE. There is so much knowledge, wisdom, heart and passion that is shared each day at the conference, it’s hard not to come back each year. When you combine the excitement of diverse learning in and out of school with cutting edge concepts you get a nationwide and one day a WORLD WIDE view of the latest trends and ideas that keep our kids inspired, educated and focused. I can’t wait to see BOOST, around the world.

- Mark Blackshear, Youth Leadership Trainer, Mental Health Systems, San Diego, CA

I've gone back to the BOOST conference every possible year since I first presented because it is without a doubt the best run, most thoughtful, and engaging conference I've ever been to. What always impresses me is that the BOOST organizers understand something that far too few conference planners get: people are not only coming for excellent content and resources but also for community, collegiality, and a break from work as usual. BOOST gets that and works as hard at putting together amazing learning opportunities as it does opportunities for fun and friendship. I wish more conferences thought that way, but I'm sure glad BOOST got it figured out.

- Nathan Eklund, Founder, Eklund Consulting, Minneapolis, MN

The BOOST Conference is something I look forward to every year. It is the conference I recommend to people who can only attend one conference each year. As a presenter, my sessions are always full of energetic and engaged participants. As a participant, I love the variety of the sessions, as well as the inspiring keynotes and (pool-side) networking opportunities. The BOOST team really knows how to put together a conference!

- Jaime Singer, Consultant, Afterschool and Expanded Learning, American Institutes for Research, Chicago, IL 

The BOOST conference is a great value for me as a corporate partner. By meeting and mixing with leaders and innovators in out-of-school-time roles, I gain a greater understanding of how my company's free offerings and signature programs can best serve schools and school districts, as well as nonprofit organizations that work with school age children.

- Todd Flora, Manager of Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, IBM, Glendale, CA

The BOOST Conference is pure dynamite – itʼs one conference where dynamic, enthusiasm abounds. The workshop selection is fabulous. The trade show is a great resource. The keynotes and speakers are truly top notch. Networking opportunities abound and wherever you go, the mood is upbeat and mutually supportive. All this in beautiful, pool-side Palm Springs. Whatʼs not to love about the BOOST Conference? I attend conferences for a living, and believe me you will love this one – itʼs my absolute favorite.

- Anna Reyner, Art Therapist/Art Educator, Los Angeles, CA 

BOOST is a high energy, well-organized conference that consistently features the highest quality presenters and exhibitors. For the past several years, as a presenter and exhibitor, BOOST has been our most successful and rewarding conference each year. We can't wait for this year!

- Mike Liston, Founder, Rhythms of Life, Salt Lake City, UT

Personally and Professionally: BOOST provides me with an opportunity to “Step Out” of the day to day operations of my work and think about it from a global perspective: remind myself of the vision, goals and outcomes we hope to achieve with our stakeholders. I come back refreshed and “full” of new ideas to implement or discuss with my team for the future!

- Mary Jo Ginty, Region 11 Lead, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Downey, CA

First I want to say how honored Yvonne and I were to present at last yearʼs conference – The hope inspiration and commitment among participants was more than evident – IT WAS INFECTIOUS! Great work in creating a powerful, fun and impactful event! We are excited to see you again this year!

- Rich Dutra-St John MA MFT, Co-founder, Challenge Day and The Be the Change Movement, Concord, CA

Hands down, the most innovative, inspiring, and resourceful after-school conference in the busi- ness. You will thank yourself over and over again for making the trip to beautiful Palm Springs. The energy is unmatched, the contacts are priceless, and both you and your program(s) will be “forever-changed” because of it!

- Frank Escobar, Program Director, Visalia Unified School District, Visalia, CA

I attend the BOOST Conference because itʼs the only place that I can network with other actual providers who operate complex after school programs that make a difference!

- Dr. Douglas Fisher, Professor, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

As a participant you experience high quality workshops, high quality inspirational and informative speakers, effective networking, and great entertainment. As an exhibitor you can tell the conference organizers have planned very effectively to allow the time and motivation for participants to interact with exhibitors. As a presenter you can expect a well-planned, balanced set of conference offerings that will facilitate desired attendance. The knowledge, motivation, and rejuvenation that results from BOOST conference is unparalleled. The BOOST Conference is certainly one of the best after school professional development opportunities available to the field.

- Jeff Davis, Program Coordinator, California Afterschool Network, Davis, CA

The BOOST conference is one of the best conferences I have ever been to. My staff came back to work very excited to implement the ideas and strategies they learned. I had the great privilege to meet and network with many great leaders from up and down the State of California and nationally. I highly recommend the BOOST conference to anyone interested in learning more about after-school programming and/or administration. Just a quality conference all around.

- Robert Bleisch, Assistant Principal, Granger Jr. High School, Chula Vista, CA

As an exhibitor we have always enjoyed the BOOST conference. There is a steady flow of prospective customers without too much of the dead time. The atmosphere is relaxed and you are able to spend one on one time with attendees. We launched our business a month before last yearʼs BOOST show and it definitely helped get our name out in the marketplace and gener-ated much needed start up sales.

- Sergio Trujillo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Afterschoolstore.com, Los Angeles, CA


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