Our Workshop Strands are comprised of targeted workshop sessions throughout the BOOST conference. Presented by leaders and supporters of expanded learning, these purposeful organizations will share inspiring ideas, promising practices, and current trends in the in and out-of-school time fields. Click each of our Workshop Strand Sponsors on the right-hand side of the page to learn more.

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California AfterSchool Network

The California AfterSchool Network, CAN, is a member of the 50 State Afterschool Network that works to foster partnerships and policies to develop, support, and sustain high-quality opportunities for children and youth. Across the nation, afterschool and summer programs equip millions of children to succeed in school, connect with their communities, and prepare them for productive futures. The networks serve as a driving force, bringing stakeholders together and sharing best practices to ensure affordable, sustainable afterschool and summer learning programs are available. CAN furthers this mission by convening various stakeholders to focus on mission before organization; manage through trust, not control; promote others, not the individual; and build constellations, not stars.

Learn more about the California AfterSchool Network workshop strand here 

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Harmony SEL


Harmony provides educators with the tools to foster and support social connections among all students and to promote the social, emotional, and cognitive skills students need to successfully negotiate peer interactions, develop positive peer relationships, and thrive in school. Harmony incorporates multiple methods to teach positive relationships and create an inclusive classroom environment. A multi-layered approach is necessary to build a mutually respectful learning community. These goals are accomplished through relationship-building lessons and activities and everyday practices that provide students with ongoing supported opportunities to learn and practice social and emotional competencies. By combining these approaches, students not only gain interpersonal competencies, but they also have continual experiences that promote the development of positive attitudes and relationships, as well as a supportive classroom climate. 

Inspire Teaching and Learning

Inspire Teaching & Learning represents a bold step forward in the current educational environment. Based on the premise that academic achievement is often linked to the integration of social and emotional learning and effective teaching practices, Inspire equips educators to create safe and inclusive learning environments where all students thrive. Students everywhere deserve to learn from inspirational teachers, so Inspire continues to expand nationally to help prepare and retain teacher leaders with the most current and relevant approaches to SEL-informed professional development.

Learn more about the HarmonySEL workshop strand here 

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Think Together

Think Together delivers nationally-recognized after school programs, early learning, enrichment, and school improvement in over 400 schools in California from San Diego to San Francisco – serving over 200,000 students. We want a community where all kids get a great education that prepares them for college and career.

Learn more about the Think Together Workshop Strand here

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