Thank you for your patience while we announced Phase 1 of our 2023 BOOST Conference workshop selections. Please note this is only a portion of the learning opportunities that will be offered at the 2023 BOOST Conference. We are excited to announce that BOOST is expanding our space to accommodate our growing audience and we are in the process of contracting with an additional nearby venue to bring you more high-quality workshops and events. Please stay tuned for updates and announcements on additional workshops and events in early January! 

#AfterschoolWorks: Crafting a Winning Afterschool Message
Tiyana Glenn, Project Manager; Sophie Kidd, Project Associate, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.

Do you ever feel that your words don’t have the impact you think they should have when you talk to others about afterschool? This interactive workshop will discuss what works and what doesn’t when communicating about afterschool, how to tailor your message for key audiences, and how to leverage this information and build support for your program.
Strand: Staff Leadership; Sustainability; Partnerships & Building Relationships

#iAmImpact Healing Circles
Nathan Houston, Co-Founder; Nathaniel Wilson, Co-Founder, #iAmImpact, Sacramento, CA

The #iAmImpact Healing Circle is not a particular program or blueprint but an invitation into intentional dialogue and exploration of what communities need to ensure all members feel safe, heard, and connected. During this intimate workshop participants will experience the power of a healing circle and how healing plays a key role in transforming our programs, organizations and schools. If you want to go deeper with your work then this is the workshop for you.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality; BOOST Ambassador

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Molly Garcia, Coach & Consultant, FranklinCovey Education, Goodyear, AZ

“The 7 Habits represent a proven process of personal and interpersonal growth and can have both immediate and lasting impact.” – Stephen R. Covey

Molly will help participants identify what matters most in their work and personal lives. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People will help you navigate very real personal and professional problems in challenging times.
Strand: Pre-Conference Academy (pre-registration is required)

8 Steps to Getting Your Esports Club Started with NASEF
Kevin Brown, Chief Academic Officer, North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF), Anaheim, CA

The “8 Steps to Getting Your Esports Club Started” is designed to illustrate the successes, challenges, and best practices in starting a Scholastic Esports community for your school, program, or community-based organization. Kevin Brown, Chief Academic Officer and Global Education Trainer for the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) has experience in supporting thousands of clubs around the world in creating unique programs that intersect esports and education. What we’ll cover in this half-day session will take you from “don’t know” to “let’s go!” carefully walking through each step to success along with an exploration of the various curricula, toolkits, and resources available in the NASEF Community. Attendees are encouraged to bring their mobile devices, laptop (optional)
Strand: Pre-Conference Academy (pre-registration is required)

17 And Life Doesn’t Wait
Moderator: TBD

17 AND LIFE DOESN'T WAIT paints a lively, candid, and emotionally charged view of life through the eyes of three teen girls. The film follows them during their senior year of high school, as they experience the impact of the outside world, their impending independence, and the conflicting expectations and often overwhelming anxiety that come with being a girl. It delves into the teens’ attitudes, actions and goals, as they dream about the future, and discover their passions and anxieties. While these smart, sassy, and tenacious young women may hail from diverse walks of life, each has the ambition to continue with her education, and meet her challenges head-on, and in her own way. Shot over nine months, the film captures the girls’ laughter, struggles, and victories. We watch them grapple with family, university acceptances (or rejections), and scholarships, engage in the perennial primping for senior prom; digest the devastation of the Parkland massacre; graduate, and confront issues around sexual identity, suicide, and assault.
Strand: Film Festival 

20 Strategies for Effective CQI Infrastructure Program Planning
Amber Blackwell, Executive Director, Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation, Oakland, CA

Workshop participants will leave this fun and humorous workshop with 20 strategies to build a replicable and cohesive Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program infrastructure. Leadership teams can benefit from looking at strategic planning and fund development through the lived experiences of a BIPOC woman-led nonprofit. Learn how we mastered changing after-school regulations, implemented school district partnerships, and executed expanded learning's next big idea.
Strand: Sustainability; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Align For Success: Building Relationships and Meeting Students' Needs
Lauren Levorsen, School Alignment and Data Specialist; Holly Phillips, Director of Operations; Utah Afterschool Network; Lisa Wisham, Research Associate, University of Utah - Utah Education Policy Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Looking to collaborate more closely with the schools in your area? In this collaborative session, participants will explore this pivotal piece of the UAN's School Day Alignment Toolkit: The Align for Success Rubric. This tool was developed to enhance relationships and meet student needs in Utah. Participants will discuss current challenges and successes with school-day alignment practices. Participants may attend this session as program/organizational teams or by themselves—all are encouraged!
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

ALL HANDS ON DECK: Planning, Organizing, and Implementing a Family Math Games Night
John Felling, Consultant & Author, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Family math game nights build strong family and school partnerships, connect family engagement to student learning, and are just plain fun! Participants will receive the tools to plan and host their own night. Participants will receive planning documents, ideas for themes, and advertising. After sharing the tools needed, be prepared to play an hour of our favorite card and dice games that we use at every math games night. Student and family favorites games will be included in your handout.
Strand: Small Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Amplify Student Voices Through Expression-Driven Teaching
AnnMarie Baines, Ph.D., Founder and Executive Director, The Practice Space, Cerritos, CA; Caitlin Healy, Education and Outreach Manager, The Practice Space, San Francisco, CA

This session introduces Expression-Driven Teaching, an inclusive facilitation method that focuses on, “How can I create a welcoming, brave space where every young person can express who they are and discover who they want to become?” You will learn practical and equitable techniques for how to teach and facilitate different forms of expression, such as storytelling, debate, presentation, advocacy, and listening, to create inclusive classrooms that advance equity and social and emotional learning.
DS, E, M, H
Strand: Older Youth; Staff Leadership; Program Design, Development & Quality

Are You Okay? A Mental Health & Well-Being Check-In
Dwayne V. Wiggins Jr., After-school Program Director and Life & Motivational Coach, Belmont Charter High School/A Human Being!, Philadelphia, PA

Mental health involves a balance of the physical, mental, and emotional state of being in which all individuals can live happy, productive lives, and cope with life's normal stresses and negative experiences. Regardless of current challenges, there is help, and there are solutions. During the “Are You Okay?” workshop, attendees will establish long-lasting and healthy motivation to drive and encourage them to LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES!
Strand: Staff Leadership

Awesomely Beyond Icebreakers: Powerful Tools to ENGAGE and Motivate Youth
Eric Rowles, CEO, Leading to Change, Huntersville, NC

Get ready to move! In this HIGHLY interactive session participants will experience how to take various risk-level activities (often mistakenly referred to as “ice breakers”) and turn them into powerful vehicles for youth participation and engagement. This session will showcase tools that youth providers can put to immediate use!
MLA, CB, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Older Youth; Staff Leadership; Program Design, Development & Quality; BOOST Ambassador 

Building Equitable After-School Programs that Improve Student Literacy
Jessica Manning-Acebo, Solutions Manager, Lexia Learning, Austin, TX

Join us to learn how to build equitable and sustainable after-school programs aligned with your structured literacy goals. Hear from Hemet USD (2022 CA ELV Award winners) share how the district leveraged funding and people resources to build a program that engages students in high-quality, evidence-based interventions through ELO-P grant funding. Discover tips on how to enlist curriculum teams and community stakeholders, train non-credentialed staff, and engage in dialogue around sustainability.
Strand: Small Exhibitor Showcase; Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Building Partnerships with Colleges and Universities: Making the Case and How to Begin
Julia Morris, Summer Learning Manager, Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network; LaVasia Bullard, Regional Program Manager, Horizons Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Partnerships between youth camps and colleges/universities offer mutual benefits and provide an organic investment in the local community. Join us to learn about making the case for these partnerships and navigating the unique challenges they can present. Learn current examples of successful, sustained summer camp & university partner relationships. Then, with a provided resource, draft your own plan for approaching a local college/university to explore the prospect of forming a new partnership!
Strand: Sustainability; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Statewide Network

The Camp Australia Way - An Adaptable Programming Cycle
Barbara Elvin, Head of Service Delivery; Chelsea Daly, Head of National Quality Framework, Camp Australia, Victoria, Australia

Central to a quality learning program is an effective understanding of the regulatory-approved learning framework and the components that support the growth of children.  Camp Australia was facing challenges in embedding effective program development and practice.  Here, you will be introduced to our response, the CA Way Framework, through interactive activities and games, the program planning cycle, and various linked resources. This system is innovative, portable, and can be used by any service provider.
Strand: Staff Leadership; Program Design, Development & Quality

Can You Tell Me How to Get, How to Get to COMMUNITY SCHOOLS?
Joshua Blecha, Region 7 Lead, Systems of Support for Expanded Learning, Fresno, CA; Fred Buggs, Education Program Consultant, California Department of Education, Sacramento, CA; Akilah Byrd, Director, Region 4 Expanded Learning Programs, Alameda County Office of Education, Hayward, CA

Sesame Street is one of the most iconic children's television shows of all time! Its success was built around the idea of meeting kids’ needs through different relationships and navigating life situations. What if we could recreate that family-centered street on our campuses to shape our COMMUNITY SCHOOLS? Join Elmo, Big Bird, The Cookie Monster, and others as they teach us how to create a Sesame Street in our Communities!
Strand: Sustainability; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Change is Inevitable - Are You Ready?
Jessy Newman, Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research (AIR), Chicago, IL; Arielle Lentz, Research Associate, American Institutes for Research (AIR), Wilmington, DE

OST programs champion new ideas and initiatives given their inherent creativity and flexibility but they often face implementation challenges, less-than-stellar results, or burned-out staff in the process. Sound familiar? Join us to learn more about the importance of readiness: what it is, why it matters, and how you can measure and build readiness using the new Ready to Implement Toolkit, a free resource for the OST field.
Strand: Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Classroom Engagement Strategies for English Language Learners
Dr. Auriel Watson, Founder & Executive Director, Nahte Educational Consultants, Bronx, NY

This interactive session will provide General, Special Education, and English Language Learner teachers the strategies needed to increase engagement with elementary, middle, and high school English Language Learners.
CB, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development & Quality

Co-Creating a Liberatory Learning Space
Dr. Charli Kemp, Executive Director, Change the Tune, Los Angeles, CA

In this session, our essential question is, what does liberatory learning look like? This session will support participants in learning how to co-create liberating learning experiences where learners are able to deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world. We will use an EquityXDesign framework and blend it with Universal Design for Learning to build a model liberatory learning space experience.
Strand: Sustainability; Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Coaching for Emerging Leaders: Shifting from "High-Performing Individual Contributor" to "Empowering Team Leader"
Bobby Canosa-Carr, Leadership Coach, Enlighten Leadership Coaching, San Pedro, CA

When they are promoted to increasing levels of responsibility, emerging leaders often struggle with the transition from “high-performing individual contributor” to “empowering team leader.” In this workshop, you’ll learn how transformational leadership coaching accelerates this transition by sparking self-awareness, challenging habits of thought, and shifting patterns of behavior. You’ll also take away specific strategies for building coaching systems in your organization.
Strand: Staff Leadership

Connection Before Correction
Juan Alvarado, CEO, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Podcast Host, Raize the Bar, Visalia, CA

Frustrated and overwhelmed because your kids aren’t listening? We will cover both sides of the coin and learn a foundational principle you must follow: Connection Before Correction. Learn how to make the connection between you and your students, between what you are doing and what you are missing by making small tweaks, and making the connection with what your students need and want from you.
DS, E, M
Strand: Older Youth; Staff Leadership; Program Design, Development & Quality

Creating Student-Led Learning Environments by Teaching Youth the Mindset of an Entrepreneur
Dr. Sonia Toledo, Founder & CEO, Dignity of Children, New York, NY

In this groundbreaking talk, Dr. Sonia Toledo will share ways to empower children and youth to discover their passions early and live from the heart while developing 21st-century skills and striving to make a difference in their communities. She will provide strategies for establishing student-led learning environments by teaching youth the mindset of an entrepreneur, which will help ensure they are able to compete in the fast-paced modern world of technology.
MLA, CB, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Staff Leadership; Program Design, Development & Quality; BOOST Ambassador

Creativity and Mindfulness in Education in a Post-Pandemic, Post-Truth Era
Jamie Parganos, Executive Director, Creative Muse, Manhattan, NY; Joel Weber Knopf, Director of Creativity, Creative Muse, Brooklyn, NY; Chris Carr, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Director; Amma Woods, Creative Muse, New York, NY

In this fake news era, the pandemic's disruptions call for more creativity in education. The CREATE process fosters students’ critical thinking and mindful self-expression. You'll practice motivating your audience with a good hook; use breaks to create breakthroughs; learn how research and resilience help students think more critically and foster a love of learning; create connection through emotional check-ins and closing rituals; and how to use tech mindfully with slow design.
Strand: Older Youth; Sustainability; Program Design, Development & Quality

Creativity in Leadership
Brad Lademann, Associate Director for Quality Initiatives, Missouri AfterSchool Network, Columbia, MO

Whether you are the leader of an entire organization or leading an afterschool site, leadership matters. Unfortunately, leadership training in afterschool settings is not always a priority. We are often thrown into leadership positions, with little or no preparation, and then we sink or swim. Join us to learn about five essential practices of leadership and how creativity fits into our leadership roles.
Strand: Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality; Statewide Network

Critical Creativity: The Rigorous and Liberatory Nature of Creativity in the Classroom
Dr. Katie Price, Educator, San Francisco State University, Santa Rosa, CA

This workshop uses an abolitionist framework to demonstrate the critical role incorporating creativity and the arts into academic settings plays in creating a humanizing, liberatory education for all students, especially for marginalized students. We will cover the importance of honoring students' assets and cultural wealth and the rigorous nature of creativity. Teachers will leave with specific ideas for incorporating creativity and the arts into their high school or college ELA lessons.
Strand: Older Youth; Program Design, Development & Quality

Cultivating Safe, Supporting, and Caring Communities – Where Education is a Joyous Pursuit for All!
Danielle Jones, Certified Master Practitioner in Compassionate Systems, Center for Systems Awareness, and County Lead for Region 6 SSEL, Stanislaus County Office of Education, Modesto, CA; Michael Funk, Director of Expanded Learning Division, California Department of Education, Sacramento, CA; Sargina Yonan, Director of Expanded Learning Programs; Alexandria Rubio, Expanded Learning Programs Site Coordinator, Linden Unified School District, Linden, CA

Join us for an interactive session where participants will have the opportunity to engage in the Compassionate Systems Framework tools and methods by the Center for Systems Awareness. We will share how these tools and methods can be used at the state, regional and district levels to cultivate communities. Participants will get to try out several tools in an effort to grow their own compassionate skillset and begin to consider these tools and methods in their program design.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Culturally Responsive & Trauma Informed Family Engagement
Susie Estrada, Family & Community Engagement Specialist, Utah State Board of Education, Salt Lake City, UT

This workshop will look at the barriers program typically find when it comes to hosting family engagement opportunities. Many have reported feelings of frustration and disappointment when planning and execution of events are put together only to find that parents do not show or are resistant to engaging more than necessary with program or school staff. In this workshop, we will look at the historical and experiential barriers families face and how to overcome them for successful family events!
MLA, DS, PK, E, M, H
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; BOOST Ambassador

Deepening Public & Private Partnerships for a Collective Summer of Joy
Dr. Ana Ponce, Executive Director, GPSN, Los Angeles, CA; Debe Loxton, M.A., Senior Executive Director, Los Angeles Unified Beyond the Bell, Los Angeles, CA; David Anderson, President and CEO, LA's BEST, Los Angeles, CA; Lisa Salazar, Executive Director, City of Los Angeles Youth Development Department, Los Angeles, CA; Benjamin Dickow, Director, LA STEM Collective, Downey, CA

The last two summers and for the first time ever, every low-income neighborhood in Los Angeles offered free in-person enrichment programs. Participants will learn about the unprecedented public and private collaboration across Los Angeles Unified, City of LA, philanthropy, and nonprofits. To date, close to 100,000 students have participated and nearly 1,000 field trips have been provided.
ULA, CB, E, M, H
Strand: Panel; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Define Resilience
Dee Hankins, Inspirational Speaker, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

One of the many dictionary definitions of “Resilience” is the ability to easily adjust to misfortune or change. However, if you’ve ever had a traumatic experience, you know that most times we don’t easily adjust to things. Here is my definition- Resilience: The ability to bounce back! Similar to how we are all different, so are our experiences as well as how we bounce back from those experiences. In this session, we will learn that we are the true definition of resilience. We’ll take a deep dive into how we bounce back from our circumstances and, more importantly, how we Define Resilience!
Strand: Master Class (pre-registration is required)

DEI + SEL = Belonging to All
Andres De La Peza, Director of Partner Relations; Cassandra Arechiga, Learning Associate; Danny Salas, Chief Program Officer; Herbert Bolaños, Associate Director of Learning, Woodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA

Join us for an interactive and enlightening workshop that will dive into social-emotional learning and diversity work in a fun and engaging way! Having heard buzzwords like “inclusion”, “equity” and “social-emotional learning” this session will explore how you and your organization can invest in authentic and reflective DEI and SEL work at all levels of service. From field staff behaviors to office culture, this workshop will leave you with practical strategies to implement in your day-to-day!
Strand: Woodcraft Rangers Workshop Strand

Demystifying the World of Grants
Gabriela B. Delgado, Senior Manager; Michelle Houle, Program Specialist, Grant Services, San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego, CA

Are you curious about grants? Does your school or community-based organization need additional funding for specific projects? Could you use some help getting started? If so, this workshop is for you!

The world of grants can often be complex and confusing. Participants will engage in a “crash course” to help them understand and practice the foundational skills needed to explore the pre-award phase of the grant life cycle. The presenters have over 30 years of experience as grant professionals and secured over $100 million in grant funding for their organization in 2021-22.

This workshop will include a combination of lecture, storytelling, and experiential exercises. We highly encourage you to bring your laptop or tablet to participate in the hands-on activities.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding the phases of the grant life cycle
  2. Exploring and identifying specific areas of need that require additional funding
  3. Learning and practicing research techniques for identifying potential funding sources
  4. Getting organized to be prepared to do the work

Strand: Pre-Conference Academy (pre-registration is required); BOOST Ambassador

Dive Into First Person View (FPV): View Your Surroundings in a Unique Perspective
Sam Choe, Team Manager; Ricky Yoo, President, IRONQUAD, Santa Ana, CA

Discover how First-Person View RC (radio-controlled) vehicles can be a fun and engaging learning assistance tool for school applications. This is also a unique opportunity for students to learn critical thinking skills and youth engagement.
Strand: Small Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality

Drawing from Disaster: Unfolding the Power of Visual Storytelling
Hiep Nguyen, Founder and Art Director, Circle Painting and Draw All You Can, Riverside, CA

Isolation, insecurity, displacement, discrimination, violence -- to live is to experience trauma.  Give your students the tools they need to process their experiences and tell their stories through drawings using the “Drawing from Disaster” response cards. Discover unique ways for your students to step into mindfulness and self-exploration.
Strand: Older Youth; Program Design, Development & Quality

Drug-Free Kids! Operation Prevention - A FREE Drug Prevention Curriculum for Students
Catie Drew, Sr. Prevention Program Manager, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Springfield, VA

Operation Prevention is an award-winning, FREE, drug prevention curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students. It includes downloadable lesson bundles, videos, educator guides, self-paced computer modules, virtual field trips, and more! Join DEA Educator, Catie Drew, as she guides you through all of the elements of the curriculum and how to implement the lessons and activities, as well as present all of the free drug-prevention resources that the DEA provides.
Strand: Program Design, Development & Quality

Elementary Math Games Using Dominoes and Dice
Jane Felling, Consultant & Author, Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Come prepared to play our favorite Box Cars games that incorporate the use of easy-to-find dice and dominoes. Games are highly engaging to students and are perfect for after school math activities. Games will focus on operational fluency and place value concepts.  Throughout the workshop participants will receive ideas on how to differentiate the games to meet the needs of all students, including Special Ed and ELL. Gameboards and ideas for implementation will be shared.
Strand: Small Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality

Encouraging Collaboration and Teamwork
Phil Brown, Lead Trainer, High 5 Adventure Learning Center, Brattleboro, VT

Building and cultivating a sense of community in your program is critical in order to reinforce students’ feelings of comfort, confidence, and readiness to learn and grow. We’ll lead you through a sequenced lesson plan of SEL-based games and activities that allow students to practice communication and listening, cooperation, collaboration, and negotiating. Come ready to move, play and learn!
DS, E, M, H, HE
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Engage Every Student- Fulfilling the Promise of Universal Afterschool and Summer Learning for All Children
Jodi Grant, Executive Director, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.; Bela Shah Spooner, Program Director, Education, and Expanded Learning, National League of Cities, Washington, D.C.; Sheronda Witter Fleming, Ph.D., Out-of-School Time Partnerships Fellow, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Education, Garner, NC; Aaron Dworkin, Chief Executive Officer, National Summer Learning Association, Washington, D.C.

Engage Every Student is a bold new call to action to provide high-quality out-of-school time learning opportunities for every child who wants to participate. All students should have the supports they need to realize their full potential. Afterschool and summer learning programs are a critical part of that support.

Through the American Rescue Plan, school districts, cities, and states have funding and an unprecedented opportunity to partner with high-quality expanded learning programs to support students’ well-being and academic growth.

The U.S. Department of Education has partnered with the Afterschool Alliance, AASA, the School Superintendents Association, the National League of Cities, the National Summer Learning Association, and the National Comprehensive Center to provide schools and communities the connections and assistance they may need to expand access to afterschool and summer learning programs. Learn how you can get involved from the organizations leading the effort.
Strand: BOOST Nation: Town Hall; Program Design, Development & Quality

Engage Every Student: How Federal Investments for COVID Recovery are Impacting Afterschool and Summer Enrichment Programs
Liana Shivers, Engage Every Student Fellow; Emily Murtaugh, Engage Every Student Fellow, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.

To support COVID recovery, states and school districts received $122 billion from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan a portion of which can support afterschool and summer enrichment. But are the funds being used to support afterschool and summer programs? Join us for a discussion on how COVID recovery dollars are impacting out-of-school time programs, challenges faced, and lessons learned so far related to obtaining and utilizing these funds!
ULA, CB, E, M, H
Strand: Sustainability; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Establishing Positive Connections with Your Students
Claudine James, NBCT Teacher and Community Liaison, #1 Educator on TikTok

Everyone faces challenges in their lives, but middle school educator, Ms. James, has never allowed challenges to bring her down. Despite all of her hard work, there was always someone who thought it was not enough. Instead of letting this tear her down, she used this to teach her students “When they go low, we go high”, which is just one of the many powerful quotes she utilizes. Before becoming the #1 educator on TikTok, she was an award-winning educator. Claudine has always gone above and beyond, writing grants, applying for classroom tools, and traveling to summer teacher institutes to help enrich student learning experiences and grow within herself to be the best educator she possibly could be. Join this Master Class as Ms. James shares how she’s overcome obstacles, created a powerful platform to engage her students in the learning process, and make life-changing connections with her students.
Follow Claudine on TikTok @iamthatenglishteacher  
Strand: Master Class; Partnerships & Building Relationships (pre-registration is required); BOOST Ambassador

Evaluation in Out-of-School Time: An Overview from Different Perspectives
Haley Umans, Director of Evaluation, LA’s Best, Los Angeles, CA; Kathy Grote, New Orleans Youth Alliance-Youth Program Quality Network Manager/Coach, New Orleans Youth Alliance, New Orleans, LA; Trey Caples, Ed.S., NCSP, Director, Capture, Albuquerque, NM

OST programs must be high-quality to actualize youth outcomes. This raises questions. How do I know the program is high-quality? How do I know we are making an impact on youth? This can be answered through evaluation: the process of gathering information to promote learning. In this workshop, the presenters will provide an overview of how to prepare for an evaluation (build staff capacity), collect/analyze data (behavior rating scale, observation, survey), and use data for learning (dashboard).
Strand: Sustainability; Program Design, Development & Quality

Expanding Student Success: The State of Expanded Learning in California
Heather Williams, Director of Policy and Outreach, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA; Michael Funk, Director of Expanded Learning Division, California Department of Education, Sacramento, CA

The world of Expanded Learning is rapidly evolving in California! We continue to see unprecedented investment into After-school and summer learning at the state and federal levels. In this session, we will discuss how to meet the movement to support our children, youth, families, and communities. We will share their expertise and vision. Join us for this exciting and interactive discussion.
Strand: BOOST Nation: Town Hall; Program Design, Development & Quality; CA Focus

Get FAST and FURIOUS with Omnikin!
Scott Williams, US Coordinator, Omnikin, Charlottesville, VA

Join this fast-paced, action-packed workshop of FUN that will leave everyone begging for more! With everything from large group cooperative challenges to intense fitness games to hilarious partner tag activities, this session will have it all! Omnikin’s wide range of colorful, dynamic, awe-inspiring products are crowd-pleasers by themselves, and our activities will solidify that your program is the place to be! Come join Team Omnikin today and blow your students away!
Strand: Large Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality 

Go Take a Hike! Outdoor Education and Nature Programs as a Key Component to EXL Programs
Helen Santos, Director of Outdoor Education; Natalie Pinedo, Manager of Outdoor Education and Camp Woodcraft; Jesse Esquivel, Camp Coordinator, Woodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA

As generations continue to become more sedentary and engage less with nature, it is vital for out-of-school time programs to offer high-quality, informed outdoor education activities. This session will provide opportunities to understand outdoor ethics and how to create an outdoor education program in any school.
Strand: Woodcraft Rangers Workshop Strand

Having Fun with Language: Easy Ways to Incorporate Language Learning in Your After School Programs
Ana Danielson, Program Coordinator, Mono County Office of Education, Port Hueneme, CA

This workshop will provide fun, hands-on games and activities to incorporate language learning and language skills in after school programs. Attendees will also learn how to create more welcoming spaces for second-language and multi-language learners and their families.  This interactive workshop will have you laughing, singing, and creating new experiences that will reenergize your after school environment.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality; BOOST Ambassador

How Do We Know What Youth Are Going Through?
Nicole Kfoury, Manager of Networks and Business Development; Florence Dickerson, Assistant Director of Partnerships, Partnerships in Education and Resilience, Cambridge, MA

In this workshop participants will learn strategies for identifying youth mental health concerns and consider ways to monitor youth mental health. There will be opportunities for participants to discuss and plan how to improve the assessment of the mental health needs of their students.
MLA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development & Quality

How Nature Can Help Us Learn: A Trauma-Informed Approach to STEAM
Rachael Van Schoik, Science Action Club Manager, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA; Daniel Hatcher, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Washington, D.C.

The pandemic created urgency for trauma-informed practice as OST programs mitigate the effects of increased stress on youth and themselves. Research has documented nature’s ability to soothe stress and, at the same time, nature is in dire need of healing. This session will introduce tools OST educators can use to connect students with nature, boost self-confidence, and make an impact on the planet. Attendees will explore whole child health and community science and go outdoors to document nature.
Strand: Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

How to Create a Comprehensive Foster Youth Support Program
Jenna Mendez, TK-12 District Foster Youth Counselor/Liaison, Corona-Norco Unified School District, Corona, CA

Foster youth are often the “invisible” underserved population. Participants will learn how to create a comprehensive academic and social/emotional program serving the needs of today’s foster youth. The presentation will include data, academic supports, on-campus programs, mentorships, district and community outreach, career readiness, resources, and how to build meaningful relationships for this at-risk population. Financial options and how to continue growing the program will be discussed.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Ice Breakers, Warm-ups & ACTION! Team Games
Andy Tupy, West Senior Territory Sales Manager, Gopher, Owatonna, MN

Gopher Sport will be leading participants through a workshop focused on a few of our newest activities! We won’t just be playing games; we will also be showcasing some great classroom management and skill development pieces you can take home and implement in your class. Get ready to sweat, learn and have some fun!
MLA, DS, E, M, H, HE
Strand: Large Exhibitor Showcase; Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Increase Engagement & Decrease Frustration: Physical Activity Made Simple
Sandy Slade, Founder/Clinician, Skillastics, Corona, CA

This upbeat, invigorating session will teach all participants to motivate students with ease!  The HEPA 2.0 aligned teaching tools provided can be implemented immediately with all ages and abilities to improve student behavior, physical activity, and self-esteem!  Don't miss this one-of-a-kind workshop!
Strand: Large Exhibitor Showcase; Staff Leadership; Program Design, Development & Quality

Intergenerational Connections: Integrating Retirees into Expanded Learning
Anastasia Geinrikh, Project Manager, Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center, Sacramento, CA

Afterschool has traditionally been associated with youth and entry-level jobs. What if we imagine expanded learning as a space that brings together two distinctly different generations? In this workshop participants will learn about a case study from Sacramento that highlights the Experience Corps program - an intergenerational community-based volunteer program that connects older adults and students through literacy tutoring and mentoring.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships

KiwiCo STEAM Kit Demonstration
Emma Zang-Schwartz, Account Manager; Douglas Morataya, Account Manager; KiwiCo, Mountain View, CA

Come join us to see our STEAM Kits in action, ask questions, interact with the kits in a class setting, and claim your free sample! We will be hosting a demo implementing our K-12 STEAM learning kits. Our team will be walking through the crates step-by-step as we all work to build the kits together. We will highlight various aspects of the crates and engagement opportunities from our supplemental materials. Plus, there will be recommendations for expanding on the kits over multiple days.
MLA, DS, PK, E, M, H
Strand: Medium Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality

Let’s Talk about Trauma-Informed Care for After School Educators
Dr. Michelle Lustig, Program Director; Mindy Corless, Program Coordinator; Foster Youth Technical Assistance Program, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Oceanside, CA

Trauma is expressed in schools in various ways. Studies show that students in foster care experience trauma at higher rates than others. This training will help educators understand trauma, how it affects students in foster care, and other vulnerable student groups, and how to support them. Participants will learn practical tips and strategies that can be applied in their programs to improve student behavior and create trauma-informed learning environments.
MLA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Let's Talk: Preventing Youth Homelessness with the National Runaway Safeline
Emerson deCordova, Prevention and Youth Engagement Coordinator, The National Runaway Safeline, Chicago, IL

Discover the services and resources that the National Runaway Safeline (NRS) offers for youth, families, service providers, and others. Learn how to apply lessons learned from NRS’ annual Crisis Services & Prevention Data Report to support youth experiencing homelessness and crisis. See a hands-on demonstration of NRS’ free, evidence-based Let’s Talk Prevention curriculum, a tool geared toward helping young people develop important life skills, resilience, and problem-solving skills.
DS, M, H
Strand: Older Youth 

Making Afterschool Learning Count: Introducing Credit-for-Learning Programs
Alexis Steines Rao, Vice President of Field Outreach, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.; Ann Durham, Executive Director, Providence After School Alliance, Providence, RI; Dr. Tracye Stichik, Co-Director, Alabama Expanded Learning Alliance, Tuscaloosa, AL

In several states, new legislation is allowing afterschool and summer learning programs to pilot opportunities for youth to earn credit for learning taking place outside the school day. Through partnerships with afterschool programs, schools, community-based organizations, and businesses, youth are engaging in learning opportunities that earn credits on high school transcripts. Learn more about the credit-for-learning concept and how to advocate for these opportunities in this session.
Strand: Panel; Older Youth; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality 

The Mini-Drone Revolution: Indoor Drones for STEAM Exploration
Jan Zatloukal, Instructional Designer, PCS Edventures, Boise, ID; Michelle Victor, Director of STEM Development, PCS Edventures, Umatilla, OR

Explore how mini-drones can be used to stimulate interest in STEM, teach coding, and create art. Learn the basics of drone flight and safety through our interactive video course Droneology, examining how drones are becoming a regular part of our daily lives. Then learn how to code drones using DroneBlocks, a free drag-and-drop programming language, followed by a showcase of how these foundational skills can be implemented to create drone performance art.
Strand: Medium Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality 

Partnerships for Student Success – Utilizing National Service Members to Build Capacity
Tiyana Glenn, Project Manager, Afterschool Alliance, Washington, D.C.; Rachel Bruns, Chief Engagement Officer, America’s Service Commissions, Washington, D.C.; Thomas Azzarella, Director; Lily Tegner, AmeriCorps Program Specialist, Alaska Afterschool Network, Anchorage, AK

We’ll discuss how afterschool and summer learning programs can leverage national service members. We’ll share tips on how to apply for national service members – including how you can work with your state service commission or state afterschool network, ideas on member recruitment, and how to support national service members in your program. Additionally, we will have a panel of experts share their experience as service members and the use of service members in AmeriCorps programs.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; Panel

Pickleball for Kids!
Hope Tolley, Managing Director of Recreational Programs, USA Pickleball, Phoenix, AZ 

Discover how to introduce America's fastest-growing sport into your programs. This will be an interactive session on how to implement basic skills, fun games, and dynamic play rotations for kids of all ages.
MLA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development & Quality

Piecing Together the EXL Puzzle: Strategies to Blend and Braid ELO-P to Create a Stronger, High-Quality Program
Julee Brooks, Chief Executive Officer; Javier Gonzalez, Director of Programs; Jasmine Arjon, Director of Programs, Woodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA

The Expanded Learning Opportunities Program IS a fantastic opportunity to deliver whole-child programs and stronger school environments. But building a new program of this scale can feel like a game of Jenga. Join Woodcraft Rangers leadership team who has spent the last year working with a variety of LEAs to put the building blocks together to suit the specific needs of their schools and students.
Strand: Woodcraft Rangers Workshop Strand

Promoting Student Connectedness and Wellness Using Sandy Hook Promise "Know the Signs" Programs and SAVE Promise Clubs
Blair Freedman, Senior Director, West Region, Sandy Hook Promise, Newton, CT

Sandy Hook Promise is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to end school shootings and create a culture change that prevents violence and other harmful acts that hurt children. Join us to learn about how your school or district can participate in the evidence-informed, ”Know the Signs” prevention programs, where students learn how to recognize, intervene, and get help for individuals who may be socially isolated and/or at risk of hurting themselves or others.
Strand: Program Design, Development & Quality 

Podcasting: A Revolutionary STEAM Tool for Creative Expression
Michelle Victor, Director of STEM Development, Umatilla, OR; Jan Zatloukal, Instructional Designer, PCS Edventures!, Boise, ID

Explore how podcasts can be used to stimulate interest in STEAM, teach essential digital media skills, and amplify student voice. Attendees will walk away with resources to create original stories through collaborative learning, curated content from top podcasters, and strategies to break down the podcasting process step-by-step for accessibility to all learners, especially English Learners.
MLA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Medium Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality

Possible Selves
Moderator: TBD

POSSIBLE SELVES follows Alex and Mia, two teenagers in foster care, as they pursue college dreams while struggling with lives torn between biological and foster families. Alex, a foster teen in Los Angeles, navigates four years of high school as he tries to overcome the odds and get into college–at a time when only 3% of American kids who grow up in foster care receive bachelor's degrees. Along the way, Alex struggles to balance his love for his biological family with the need to assimilate into his foster family. Meanwhile, we also meet Mia during her senior year of high school. She is a foster youth who has survived severe trauma and abuse and is now with a supportive and loving foster family. While the obstacles to success that the teenagers in POSSIBLE SELVES face are extreme, their resilience paired with the love and support of caring adults may make it possible for them to become the adults they dream of being.
Strand: Film Festival

The Power of Us - The Latest Data on the Youth Fields Workforce & Why It Matters
Jill Young, Senior Researcher; Dr. Deborah Moroney, Vice President, American Institutes for Research (AIR), Arlington, VA; Aleah Rosario, Co-CEO, Partnership for Children & Youth, Oakland, CA

Hot off the press! Come learn about the latest, comprehensive data on the youth fields workforce through the Power of Us Survey, led by American Institutes for Research (AIR). You’ll learn who the adults are working with young people across the country outside the classroom, why they do this work, what kinds of support they need to continue, and where they hope to go career-wise. This data will help inform professional development, career pathways, and policy for the field.
Strand: BOOST Nation: Town Hall; Program Design, Development & Quality; Staff Leadership

Power Your Early Learning Programs with STEAM
Eliana Mancilla, Associate Director of Professional Development and Early Learning; Cynthia Meneses, Trainer Associate; Vivian Jimenez, Learning Manager, Woodcraft Rangers, Los Angeles, CA

Exceptional opportunities of the future lie with children who can think critically and creatively, communicate with others, collaborate, and problem-solve. These skills are fostered and developed through STEAM learning and are necessary to prepare children for 21st-century careers. Join us in this hands-on workshop where we will discuss how to integrate developmentally appropriate STEAM practices and fun inquiry-provoking environments for students.
Strand: Woodcraft Rangers Workshop Strand

Preparing Youth Workers to Thrive: Findings from Capacity-Building in Chicago for Youth-Serving Organizations and Systems
Steven Rosado, Partner-Strategy and Engagement, The Praxis Institute, Chicago, IL

In this session, participants will hear about lessons learned by The Praxis Institute from our work leading and facilitating systems-level capacity-building in Chicago for youth workers over the past 3 years. We will share how this work is informed by youth participants and program staff data from organizations across the city. We will discuss why this approach has worked in supporting high-quality professional learning, coaching, and program implementation in OST agencies across Chicago.
Strand: Older Youth; Staff Leadership; Sustainability; Program Design, Development & Quality

Putting the Youth in Youth Voice
Billy Mawhiney, Executive Director; Dawn Marie Johnson, Director of Leadership & Culture, South Dakota Afterschool Network, Sioux Falls, SD

The South Dakota Afterschool Network will discuss how they created the Youth Opportunity Project, where 11 youths from across the state were selected to participate in a cohort training program for 6 months. Participants will hear stories from the youth about their impact, the process of how they were chosen, and how we funded this project.
Strand: Older Youth; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Raise Your Voice
Moderator: TBD

Raise Your Voice follows the student journalists at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School navigating their school mass shooting as both survivors and journalists. The documentary explores youth free speech history in America (through the story of Mary Beth Tinker of Tinker v. Des Moines) connecting the Parkland students to a broader story about young voices and their power through social movements.
Strand: Film Festival 

Reestablishing Strong Classroom Cultures with Restorative Practices and Youth Leadership
Ryan McCarthy, Executive Director, Global Kindness Initiative, San Francisco, CA

Are you navigating how to reestablish classroom cultures with students returning from a 2-year gap of in-person learning? In this exciting, experiential workshop, come learn how to use Non-Violent Communication, Restorative Practices, SMARTE Agreements, and Youth Leadership to create rich, dynamic, supportive learning environments!
MLA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Older Youth; Staff Leadership; Program Design, Development & Quality

Rejuvenation through Sound Meditation and West African Dance: A Whole-System Experience for Mental Wellness
Katrina Marissa (Rissi) Zimmermann, Creative Director, Sokamba; Daunte Fyall, Artistic Director, Daansekou, Los Angeles, CA

As a response to the mental health challenges presented through the pandemic, this workshop offers practices and tactics to support student mental well-being through an immersive experience of rejuvenating sound meditation and energizing West African dance fundamentals. We will facilitate a blending of interactive and healing arts to elevate joy. Active engagement with these community-bonding practices teaches whole-system thinking concepts as a foundation for collective revitalization.
Strand: Older Youth; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Lynne S. Fox, MA.Ed., MS.Ed., Global Educational Developer, Innovator, Strategic Planner, and Coach, FranklinCovey Education, Harrisburg, PA; Laurie Brooks, FranklinCovey Client Partner, FranklinCovey Education, Vista, CA

Imagine the possibilities if every student on campus possessed the mindset & skill set to be a leader. Participants will learn how to strategically support teens in developing the capacity to:

  • Lead Self: Discover who they are and what they want to become, and make a plan to achieve it.
  • Lead Others: Develop the skills to work well and lead others in collaborative endeavors.

Please join us to experience engaging activities and meaningful discussions that deepen student-empowered leadership.
Strand: Older Youth; Program Design, Development & Quality 

The S Word
Moderator: TBD

A suicide attempt survivor is on a mission to find fellow survivors and document their stories of unguarded courage, insight, pain, and humor. Along the way, she discovers a national community rising to transform personal struggles into action. THE S WORD chronicles her journey and these survivors in a powerful feature documentary that puts a human face to a topic that has long been stigmatized and buried with the lives it has claimed. Suicide affects people of all ages, races, faiths, ethnicities, gender presentations, sexual orientations, professions, and so much more.

THE S WORD skillfully weaves stories of survivors from a cross-section of America including LGBT, African American, and Asian American communities, who candidly share their profoundly emotional stories of trauma, mental health challenges, survival, and advocacy. The film’s narrative flows organically from one story to the next, starting with personal moments and building emotional momentum before widening out to show how their journeys are driving the national movement to take the “S” word from unthinkable to preventable. 
Strand: Film Festival

SEARCH: Mindful Movement Practices for Community Well-Being
Monimia (Mimi) Macbeth, Dance/Movement Psychotherapist, Programs Specialist, The Praxis Institute, Chicago, IL

The SEARCH Mindful Movement workshop engages youth and youth workers in community well-being practices centered on dance and movement. The presenter will share how they incorporate movement interventions in wellness and SEL programs to encourage self-efficacy, relationship building, and community healing. Participants will engage in experiential techniques for self-reflection and group collaboration. Participants will leave with strategies to incorporate movement activities into program offerings.
Strand: Older Youth; Program Design, Development & Quality

Science Explorers- STEM-Based Grant-Eligible Programs
Jennifer Moorehead, Founder/CEO; Jex Young, Educational Development Coordinator, Science Explorers, Mohnton, PA

Science Explorers has been an expert in STEM-based learning for over 23 years. Science Explorers has partnered with countless schools, districts, and other organizations to offer programming. We offer a wide variety of formats that are all grant-eligible. Join us to learn about our programming options, how to utilize grant monies for STEM programming, and get the chance to explore our lessons. We were awarded Newsweek Magazine’s “Best in STEM” award, The Women in STEM award, and many others.
Strand: Small Exhibitor Showcase; Program Design, Development & Quality

The Secret Sauce: Motivating and Retaining Staff
Ken Anthony II, Ed.D., Director of Professional Development and Research, Connecticut After School Network/Connecticut Network for Children and Youth, Farmington, CT; Ben Trentleman, Executive Director, Utah Afterschool Network, Salt Lake City, UT

What’s in the recipe matters, it’s the secret sauce. Do you have the ingredients needed to revitalize and re-energize staff? Successfully lead and motivate your staff by learning to tap into their passion, expertise, and personalized and impactful professional development planning. Perhaps a little seasoning. In this session, we will discuss aspects such as positive reinforcement, climate and atmosphere, setting clear expectations, and role modeling that supports staff retention. Soups on.
Strand: Staff Leadership; Program Design, Development & Quality; Statewide Network

SEL for Pre-K and Kindergarten
Elle Essenmacher, Strategic Accounts Advisor, HarmonySEL @ National University, Windsor, CO; Lisa Rice, Quality & Accreditation Advisor, KinderCare Learning Companies, Tucson, AZ

Bring developmentally appropriate structure and social-emotional learning to your Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten ELOP programs. Using Harmony SEL evidence-based Everyday Practices and Pre-K/K Curriculum, children will learn and practice social-emotional skills through stories, songs, and games. Learn how Champions ELO-P funded TK programs use Harmony SEL as a foundation for creating age-appropriate TK program schedules and routines.
Strand: Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

SEL is Everywhere: Making It Work in Your Program
Robb Armstrong, Program Director/Master Trainer, Dylan's Wings of Change, Canton, CT; Ian Hockley, Executive Director/Founder, Dylan's Wings of Change, Monroe, CT

SEL is the process through which we understand and manage emotions, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. These are simply basic human skills. We all use elements of this in our everyday lives. This workshop will use hands-on activities to spur conversations and discuss how to view your programming through SEL lenses and refocus the outcomes of activities you may already be using.
Strand: Older Youth; Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

Speaking in Tongues
Moderator: TBD 

Against the backdrop of “English-only” initiatives in 31 states, one school district is proving that speaking a foreign language can be an asset. SPEAKING IN TONGUES follows students from diverse backgrounds as they become bilingual in language immersion programs. Their stories traverse a number of perennial challenges facing America: economic inequality, de facto segregation, and increasing nativist backlash towards immigrants. As bilingualism begins to change the students, their families, and their communities, it emerges as a tool for shifting what it means to be an American and a global citizen in a rapidly changing world. To explore the contentious debates surrounding the “English-only” movement, the film turns to Ling-chi Wang, a nationally known civil rights activist who pioneered efforts to establish multilingual education in the United States, and leads the charge in this school district.
Strand: Film Festival

Supporting the Educational Needs of Students in Foster Care
Jessica Muñoz, Esq., MFS, Executive Director; Brianna Miller, Philanthropy Manager, Voices for Children, Riverside, CA

Students in foster care often face barriers that are distinct from their peers. They are more likely to be suspended or expelled and less likely to graduate high school and pursue higher education. Participants will learn about why the educational system can be difficult to navigate for students in foster care and tips for working with educational rights holders and other partners, including Court Appointed Special Advocates, to ensure these students receive the support they need.
MLA, DS, E, M, H
Strand: Older Youth; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Supporting Trans and Nonbinary Students
Kathie Moehlig, Executive Director; Evan Johnson, Community and Youth Programming Manager, TransFamily Support Services, San Diego, CA

Led by two professionals dedicated to supporting transgender and other gender non-conforming people, this session offers tools and resources to better understand issues around gender diversity and to support, respect, and empower folks of all genders in schools and in life.
Strand: Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Teaching Science with Trash
Shawn Kirby, Science Teacher, Palm Springs Unified School District Family Engagement Center, Palm Springs, CA

This workshop will show you how to do fun, hands-on science experiments with your clientele that are low cost. Indeed, many of these demonstrations are done with trash. Included are chemistry demonstrations that use old coffee cups, and physics demonstrations that use old soda bottles and ketchup packets. Also included is information about how to relate this to the Next Generation Science Standards.
DS, PK, E, M, H
Strand: Program Design, Development & Quality

Today's Tools for Tomorrow's Leaders: Entrepreneurship for 21st Century Learners
Kelsey Neff, Director of Curriculum; Barry Schwartz, Vice President, Startup Smartup, San Francisco, CA

Entrepreneurship equips 21st-century learners with the skills needed to thrive in a global economy and build Social Emotional competencies. In this workshop, participants learn the basics of entrepreneurship and engage in active observation to solve problems. Participants leave with the right tools AND the right mindset to foster the next generation of leaders.
Strand: Medium Exhibitor Showcase; Older Youth 

Turning the Tide: How Sensational-Awareness Can Heal a Nation in Trauma
Nichi Avina, 7th Grade Science Teacher – California 2022 Teacher of the Year; Yesenia Aguilar, School Counselor; Jessica Parent, Assistant Principal; Cielo Vista Charter, Palm Springs, CA

Educators can turn the tide on the mental health crisis afflicting our nation's youth. Through simple classroom exercises that focus on sensational awareness, trauma and resiliency-responsive educators can teach themselves and their students how to hack into and regulate their own nervous system. The experiential exercises in this workshop will not only prevent educator burnout but will also save lives.
Strand: Staff Leadership

Using Social Media and Other Best Practices to Build Strong Community Roots
Phillip Smith, Brand Manager, AfterSchool21 by TransACT, Seattle, WA; Ken Fisher, Marketing-Sales Specialist, TransACT Communications, Lynwood, WA

Out-of-school-time (OST) programs have many tools to engage with community partners and build support. This training workshop will highlight social media and programmatic best practices to grow support for your OST program.
Strand: Medium Exhibitor Showcase; Sustainability; Partnerships & Building Relationships

Welcoming Schools
Cheryl Greene, Director, Welcoming Schools, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Washington, D.C.

HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools is the most comprehensive bias-based bullying prevention program in the nation to provide LGBTQ+ and gender-inclusive professional development training, lesson plans, booklist, and resources specifically designed for educators and youth-serving professionals. Our program uses an intersectional, anti-racist lens dedicated to actionable policies and practices. We uplift school communities with critical tools to embrace family diversity, create LGBTQ+ and gender-inclusive schools, prevent bias-based bullying, and support transgender and non-binary students.

Participants will participate in two training modules throughout this Pre-Conference Academy, LGBTQ Inclusive Schools module and Gender Inclusive Schools module.
Strand: Pre-Conference Academy (pre-registration is required)

Welcoming Schools: Creating Gender Inclusive Secondary Schools
Rebby Kern, Welcoming Schools Expert Trainer; Cheryl Greene, Director, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Welcoming Schools, Washington, D.C.

HRC's Welcoming Schools is the most comprehensive bias-based bullying prevention program in the nation to provide LGBTQ+ and gender-inclusive training specifically designed for educators. We use an intersectional, anti-racist lens dedicated to actionable policies and practices. This session will build confidence in creating gender-inclusive spaces and will create an opportunity to practice how to seek teachable moments and respond to questions about gender topics.
Strand: Older Youth; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality

White Dominant Culture in the Out-of-School Time Field
Tozyea Reed, Director of Content; Amanda Esaena, Director of Training and Educational Resources, Dallas Afterschool, Dallas, TX

The words Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion have been buzzing around, but how does that relate to Out-of-School Time programs? In this interactive session, we will take a deep dive into how dominant white culture has manifested in afterschool organizations and programs. While distinguishing the difference between diversity and inclusion, we will discuss how your programs can change their practices.
Strand: Staff Leadership; Statewide Network 

Moderator: TBD

The film YOUTH v GOV follows the story of American youth taking on the world’s most powerful government, and filing a ground-breaking lawsuit against the U.S. government. They assert it has willfully acted over six decades to create the climate crisis, thus endangering their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.
Strand: Film Festival 

Your Secret Superpower: Your Public Library
Marisa Miller, Consultant, Curriculum/PD/CQI, Afterschool Publishing, Santa Barbara, CA

Do you sometimes feel like you need superpowers in your work to positively develop youth? What you may not know is that your local public library is a secret superpower waiting for you! Your library is a treasure trove of free digital and physical resources. In this interactive and demonstration-based workshop, learn about the amazing range of what is available and explore practical fun ideas of how to use them in your program to help make a positive difference for your staff, children, and families.
Strand: Older Youth; Staff Leadership; Partnerships & Building Relationships; Program Design, Development & Quality 


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