Program Design, Development & Quality 

Workshops under this theme focus on the design, development, and quality of in and out-of-school time programs and also include research, promising practices, and continuous improvement in the following subject areas:

21st Century Learning; Academic Alignment/Curriculum Implementation; Academic Enrichment (cooperative learning, STEM/STEAM); Accessibility & Inclusion; Artifical Intelligence; Arts Integration; Behavior Guidance; Blended Learning; Brain-based Learning; Bullying Prevention; Character Development/Education; Civic Engagement; Classroom Management; Coding; College & Career Pathways; Common Core; Community School Models; Community Service Learning and Volunteerism; Computer Science; Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), Creative Youth Development; Critical Thinking; Cultural Competency/Diversity/Equity; EdTech; Educational Enrichment (art, music, etc.); Design Thinking; Digital Wellnes, Education Trends; English Language Learning/Multilingual Learners; Enviornmental Literacy; Expanded Learning Opportunities; Family & Community Engagement; Family Support Services; Faith-based Programming; Field Trips; Financial Literacy; Flexible Learning Environments; Flipped Classroom; Fundraising; Game-based Learning; Global Learning/Education; Growth Mindset; Health/Safety/Nutrition; Healthy Behaviors; Homework Assistance; Inclusion/Special Needs; Inquiry-based Learning; Internet Safety and Education; Lesson Planning; Literacy Integration; Maker Education; Math Framework; Media & Information Literacy; Mental Health; Mentoring; Mindfulness; Multiple Intelligences; Physical Activity and Recreation; Prevention (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs); Prevention (gang and violence); Program Evaluation; Project-Based Learning; Resilience and Grit; Restorative Justice; School Climate; Social and Emotional Learning (SEL); Special Education; Social Justice & Social Impact; Staff Wellness; Student Agency; Student Leadership; Student Voice; Student Wellness; Summer Programming; Technology Integration; Whole Child  

Staff Leadership

Workshops under this theme focus on staff development and leadership and also include research, promising practices, and continuous quality improvement in the following subject areas:

Adult Learning, Building Partnerships; Capacity Building; Career Pathways; Coaching and Supervision; Communication: EdTech; Education Rights & Reform; Emergency Plan Development; Evaluation Research and Tools; Goal Setting; Group Facilitation; Higher Education; Human Resources; Internet Safety and Education; Leadership; Mentoring; Mindfulness; Organizational Practices; Professionalism; Professional Development; Recruitment & Retention; Risk Management; Social and Emotional Learning (SEL); Staff Development Models; Stress Management; Staff Motivation; Staff Recruitment & Retention; Supporting Staff; Team Building; Time Management; Train the Trainers (TOT)

Partnerships & Building Relationships 

Workshops under this theme focus on the implementation of effective strategies for creating and enhancing partnerships and also include research, promising practices, and continuous quality improvement in the following subject areas:

Collaboration and strategies for partnering with youth, families, school districts, communities, community-based organizations, community schools, higher education, local businesses, corporations, local government, and PTA's. 


Workshops under this theme focus on promoting long-term success for in and out-of-school time programs, organizations, and partners and also include research, promising practices, and continuous quality improvement in the following subject areas:

Advocacy; Assessment; Board Development; Communications; Educational Administration; Evaluation; Fund Development; Fundraising; Grant Writing; Marketing and Public Relations; Matching Funds; Non-Profit Management and Operations; Program Quality; Public Policy; Staff Recruitment and Retention; Stakeholder Engagement; Strategic Planning; Workforce Development

Older Youth 

Workshops under this theme focus on effective strategies for engaging middle school and high school youth in and out-of-school time and also include research, promising practices, and continuous quality improvement in the following subject areas:

Career Development; Career Technical Education (CTE); Coding; College Completion; College Readiness; Credit Recovery; Dropout Prevention; E-Learning; Financial Literacy; Game-Based Learning; Graduation; Internet Safety and Education; Internships/Externships; Juvenile Diversion; LGBTQIA; Life Skills/Life Coaching; Marketing; Middle to High School Transition; Participation Retention; Prevention Education; Program Models; Risk Behavior Prevention; Sex/Health Education; Social Emotional Learning; Student Leadership; Technology/Digital Media; Teen Dating; Wellbeing; Youth Culture; Youth Development; Youth Employment

Storytellers Café

This strand is designed to highlight the lives of exceptional people from all walks of life who have experienced challenges and overcome them through hope and resiliency.  Hear stories that will inspire, uplift, and motivate you to become an agent for change. You will also have an opportunity to participate in a question-and-answer discussion with the speaker. 

Film Festival

The BOOST Film Festival strand offers attendees the opportunity to view educational documentary films highlighting relevant topics in the education field including issues relating to today’s youth.  Many of the featured films offer supplemental materials, such as curriculum, to take back and implement at your school or program. When available, the BOOST Film Festival strand also offers the opportunity for a post-film discussion with the filmmakers or representatives from the film company.

BOOST Nation: Town Hall

BOOST Nation Town Hall meetings are informal public meetings scheduled throughout the conference with national leaders. Everyone in the BOOST Community is invited to attend, voice their opinions, share issues and challenges, share promising practices, and hear the responses from public figures and elected officials about shared subjects of interest in your community.

Master Classes

BOOST Master Classes are classes offered to attendees by world-class experts of a discipline in order to develop skills in fundamental concepts or stimulate thought in a specific area. BOOST Master Classes may include lectures, panels, research findings, promising practices, case studies, real-world issues, and valuable industry expertise by respected leaders in their field.

Exhibitor Showcases

Exhibitor Showcase workshops are sponsored workshops that may encompass any of the themes listed above. These workshops will provide insight into products, services, and resources related to the exhibiting company. BOOST offers opportunities for small, medium, and large exhibitor showcase workshops. 


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